Average year. Small harvest. Harvest began on 5 October. The wines have, it would appear, evolved very well as today they are still vibrant and pleasant to drink.


A harvest that yielded both quantity and quality, with beautifully ripe grapes. Highly coloured wines with high levels of alcohol. Harvest began on 5 September. Those wines still available to drink are remarkable, showing both great elegance and ripeness.


A variable vintage. Hoarfrost during the vintage period. Harvest began on 29 September. Colour is still good and although the wines lack flesh they are still elegant.


Yields were high in quantity but affected by phylloxera. Harvest began on 3 October. These wines are still closed, an echo of a difficult vintage.


A great year. Lots of heat in June and September. Harvest began on 7 September. Remarkable wines, both white and red.


A great year, with well balanced wines. Ideal climatic conditions all year. Harvest began on 3 October. These wines are still great... even more surprising now than they were when young.


Great wines, particularly the reds, which still show lots of colour and youthful aromas. Very hot and dry summer. Harvest began on 21 September.


Very good year, albeit a very dry one. War rages all around: women have a big part to play in the success of the vintage. What a success! These wines are still remarkable for their elegant delicacy. Harvest began on 15 October.


Abundant vintage of good quality, although the wines were a bit hard in their youth. One of the few great vintages for which stock is available. Harvest began at the end of September.


Fairly high yields. Today the wines are still good and show great complexity. Both the late frosts and the summer drought made this a fairly difficult vintage. Harvest began at the end of September.


A very rainy year - this may well be the smallest vintage of the decade in Burgundy. Although harvest started late, thanks to the rains, these wines have turned out to be simply astonishing. Their tannic structure has allowed them to resist and outstrip any tendency towards green flavours and tannins.


An exceptional vintage, and a plentiful one too. The wines are still lively and persistent today. Harvest began on 15 September.


A very good vintage. The grapes were very warm at harvest-time, and there were a few slip-ups in vinification, but these wines have stood the test of time to become a reference point for quality. Harvest began at the start of September.


A hot year with low yields A great year, one of the driest of the century. A great vintage for red wines and an outstanding one for whites. Harvest began on 27 September.


A fair, gentle year. Frost at the end of April, very rainy in June, but a hot summer permitted a bountiful harvest. An attack of mildew challenged the balance of the wines in their youth, but they've come round very well. Harvest began on 15 September.


Great wines from an abundant but qualitative vintage. The wines are excellent right now. The sunniest post-war year. Harvest began on 14 September.


A good year, with wines that are both balanced and consistent. The drought rendered them somewhat closed during their youth, but they're drinking very well now. Little rainfall, both hot and dry. Harvest began on 25 September.


A good year, although fairly cold. The wines are elegant and supple but coming straight after the 1961 vintage has done them little favours. Harvest began on 6 October.


A dry year, with a heatwave in July. High in both quality and quantity. The wines are drinking extremely well right now. Harvest began on 26 September.


A very good vintage. The wines are still closed but have a great future ahead of them.


Very good wines. Low yields and good ripeness. Harvest began on 22 September.


An outstanding vintage. Low yields but exceptional concentration. Most of the Grands Crus are still somewhat closed. Harvest began on 8 September.


A very sunny summer, small quantities and therefore a very nice vintage, especially for the reds.


Great whites and very good reds.


Great whites and very pleasant reds.


Great wines for both colours.


A rather big crop but the wines are very good in both colours. They can still be kept for aging.


A great vintage for the white, and an exceptionnal vintage for the reds. They start to be pleasant for drinking but can also be aged further.


A very good vintage in both colours. The wines are quite ready to be drunk.


A great vintage for the whites and a good vintage for the reds.


A good vintage for the white and a great vintage for the reds.


The whites are very good today but the reds are still closed.


Reds: Do not open the great reds yet, you maybe disappointed. Whites: A sharp vintage for the whites, they are spicy.


Reds: Very matured vintage, reds need to be aerated. Whites: A vintage with great maturity.


Reds: The reds are still closed in the great villages. Whites: Whites are mature but they need to be areated.


Reds: A great classical vintage for Burgundy. Villages maybe tasted now but not the grands crus. Whites: Another great classical vintage for Burgundy. Red villages maybe drunk now but not the grands crus.


Reds: Very fine vintage for the reds, they start to be "drinkable". Whites: Superb whites.


Reds: A very astonishing vintage. The Côtes de Nuits maybe tasted now. Whites: A sharp vintage which ages well and starts to be accessible now.


Reds: A very harmonious wine, classic for Burgundy. Still needs to be aerated. Whites: A very harmonious vintage, very classic for Burgundy.


Reds: An unusual but great vintage, amazingl for the reds. A must have in a cellar. Whites: The whites are concentrated, tasty and full.


Reds: A soft and fruity vintage for the reds. Some already taste good. Whites: A sharp, subtle and delicate vintage.


Reds and whites: Very nice vintage with almost perfect conditions.


Reds: Soft wines with tanins showing a nice evolution. Whites: A very weel-balanced vintage.


Reds: A surprising vintage. Very particular wines, mellow tanins. A great pleasure. Whites: A classical vintage, very aromatic with nice minerality.


Reds and Whites: A classical vintage with a very qualitative acidity for the whites.


Reds: A very particular and great vintage for the Pinot Noir: a guarantee of liveliness, energy and mellowness. Whites: Lots of nice and good surprises. Very dense and unusual wines.


Nice colours, elegant tanins and a small crop.


Reds: a very early year. The wines are well balanced, soft, a very pleasant fruit flesh. Whites: very fresh, very well-balanced, a subtle vintage.


Whites: intense wines with nice concentration and powerful aromas. Reds: deep colour, precise and generous nose. The wines are very dense.


A very small harvest. Good quality.


Nice expressive red wines with an intense freshness and elegant tanins. Rich and powerful vintage for the whites but with a nice freshness.


A dense and mature vintage with a surprising nice balance.

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